Small Business Accounting

A small business owner has a whole lot of inevitable things to take care of, rather than just keeping one’s own books. We offer our complete support in maintaining our client’s books, and thus, one can concentrate on one’s business and solely on gaining profits.

Every month or at least once in a quarter, the highly important tasks that form the essence and support of any business. A variety of services one gets can be customised by adding on any other services like – payroll, planning, and preparation of tax, etc.

Tax Preparation Scottsdale

Bank Account Reconciliation

Reconciling the business bank account meansmatching one’s internal and external bank statements and is essential for staying scalable with the bank account, taxes, and accounting and knowing one’s position in the business. Thus, it protects oneself and ensures peace of mind.And we offer services like:

  • Spotting lost, fraudulent and forged checks, deposits and unsanctioned transactions, and ensuring that the bank does all transactions, right
  • Identifying, preventing excess bank charges, fund misappropriation within one’s company that manages one’s money efficiently.


Creating an Income Statement

The income statement, adds on one’s list of profits and subtracts all the list of losses, for some time and finally calculates if one had overall profit or loss over the period. The income statement, we generate, helps to:

  • Determine the business’ overall operating performance, aspects of businesses that are over-budgeted and under-budgeted, the liability of income tax.
  • Track the aspects causing unnecessary expenditures and gradual rise in product returns


Balance Sheet

A balance sheet portrays the business’ financial condition at an instant of time and helps in potential reporting to banks and other institutions.Abalance sheet, we generate helps to:

  1. Determines the business’ financial strength and abilities, and if it can be expanded, and can handle the normal flow of profits and losses.
  1. Analyze the market trends, and suggests if there is need for any immediate steps to have cash reserves, counts on if the company can manage an inevitable cash shortage


Cleaning General Ledger

The ledger or log, are central records of a company as every transaction made is via the general log. So,an issue in general ledger disposes of all the books. We review the ledgers and find if there were any discrepancies or unnoticed points like the double billings or payments that were unrecorded and help one to fix it.


Offering Ample Consultations

We never offer a general solution for all. Instead, we thoroughly analyze every client and provide the service they require. For that, we spend considerable time with them and are always available for them for even ample consultations.



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