Part-Time CFO Services

Businesses that are growing gradually would require experienced financial advice, at a certain point but can’t have affordability for a full-time CFO or a controller. We have a quick solution for clients in such positions – Part-Time CFO service. This service offers one, a highly trained professional manager who works with one to assist in one’s business to success at one’s budget.

Our Part-Time CFO services

  • One gets a greater understanding of the financial position, more quality and improved control over one’s money and reduction of employee thefts, more amount of time to focus on new possibilities, customers and other core issues
  • Better cash management and decision-making abilities with ideas from an expert.
  • Smoother tackling of tough situations, and comfort that some professional is there to assist.
  • Training and managing of the client’s accounting staff, analysis of market trend, and profitability, preparation of the budget, and strategies to save tax.
  • Assistance in setting long term goals and quantification of the goals, obtaining funding from banks, insurance, and custom-designed policies, acquisitions and mergers, too.
  • Help in communicating with banks and other institutions, developing manuals for accounting procedures, analyzing purchasing of equipment and expansions, etc.


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