Bank Financing

A business loan would be the need of the hour at some point in time. But, getting without the required preparation is high risk! Thus, one needs to be prepared as well as highly organized in one’s approach for a loan. One can have the best plan by getting a winning loan proposal from us. We would help each individual by offering proposals that have an excellent probability of success as we create them from the lender’s view. We prove the lenders that one would be able to pay them back.

Our winning loan proposals are with the following aspects:

1. Precise executive Summary :

We clearly define the need for the loan, the accurate amount of money needed. And a clear explanation statement of the purposes for which the loan would be used for and as to why the loan is required.

2. Pro-forma Budgets, Financial Statements:

The client’s data and underlying assumptions are used to make the necessary information ready in a manner that the banker can easily understand and consider giving loans.

3. Personal Financial Statements:

We also make the copies of the previous three years’ personal tax returns of the lender and even spot the collateral that is being pledged as loan’s security.

4. Representation:

We also help in proving the client’s financial status to the lender in person.


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